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Dickson returning to Lakers


March 31, 2017


PETERBOROUGH, ON – The Peterborough Century 21 Lakers are excited to announce that Curtis “Superman” Dickson will be “flying” into town to join the Lakers for their 2017 season.

Dickson, currently suiting up for the NLL’s Calgary Roughnecks, played with the Lakers in 2015 after his rights were acquired from the WLA’s Maple Ridge Burrards. He made an immediate impact on the Lakers lineup and became a fan favourite with his gravity-defying goals and emotional play.


Dickson intended to play with the Lakers in 2016 but suffered a sports hernia late in the NLL season that wasn’t discovered until June. It kept him out of action for the whole summer. The Lakers are glad to have Dickson back as they once again prepare to face stiff competition from the Mann Cup champion Six Nations Chiefs in the MSL final. The Lakers lost to the Chiefs in game seven last season. Dickson brings an intangible that is immeasurable in big games.


“We are very excited to have him back living in the community,” said Lakers GM Paul Day. “He makes our team better, gives our players more room on the floor and makes Major Series Lacrosse more entertaining for all the fans. We were disappointed last year when he wasn't able to return. I worked hard with Maple Ridge when the season was over in the fall to retain his rights.”


Dickson’s 2015 MSL accomplishments:


    • Finished second on the Lakers in regular season scoring (75 points)
    • Finished fourth in the league in regular season scoring
    • Third in goals during the regular season (37)
    • Second in points during the MSL playoffs (49 points)
    • First in goals during the MSL playoffs (24)
    • Led with 18 points in six Mann Cup games (10G/8A)
    • Led the Lakers with 46 shots in the Mann Cup



The Burrards are the defending WLA champions. Dickson’s choice to come back to Peterborough speaks volumes about his love for the team.




“I’m so excited to be back in Peterborough for another summer,” Dickson said. “Unfortunately an injury kept me out last summer when I was really looking forward to getting another shot at the Mann Cup. Peterborough is second to none when it comes to summer lacrosse and I can’t wait to get back playing with the guys.”


Dickson is currently tied for the scoring lead the NLL in goals with 82 points including 39 goals and 43 assists.


Season tickets are on sale at the Memorial Centre box office now. The Lakers open their season on Monday, May 29 in Oakville before their home opener on Thursday, June 1st vs the Brooklin Redmen.


Peterborough Lakers’ 2018 season and City recommendations to repair Memorial Centre floor


February 24, 2017


It has been less than two weeks since the Peterborough Lakers were given some much needed and appreciated financial assistance from the City of Peterborough. The news today leaves the Lakers board shocked that there may be no Lakers lacrosse season in 2018 in Peterborough because of recommendations released today about floor and ice making equipment repairs at the Memorial Centre.


The Lakers heard Peterborough council itself state that to lose either the Lakers or the Petes would be a tremendous blow to the city. The news today suggests that losing the Lakers is a real possibility in the very near future. The Lakers believe, based on the Petes comments to council on their economic benefit to the city, that the Lakers infuse about 4-5 million dollars into the city economy with their Major Series Lacrosse events. That is a huge loss for the city and local businesses; it is not just a loss for the Lakers.


The loss of the season in Peterborough is also a great loss for our minor lacrosse leagues and the junior team that also play out of the Memorial Centre. 2018 is also a year when the Mann Cup is in the east so even if we are able to play somewhere and do win, it is a good possibility that Peterborough would miss hosting the national championship.


The Lakers at this time are focused on the upcoming season and hope that 2018 doesn’t become a distraction to bringing the Mann Cup home from a western final in September. It will be the goal of every team official to keep our players focused on the championship for this year.


However, the effects of not having a 2018 season at the Memorial Centre will require some major planning and adjustments to budget revenues and costs. The possibilities of having our season run out of another venue: Oshawa, Pickering or maybe even Bellville to name a few, will have a significant impact on our fan base and travel expenses. The Lakers also believe that there will certainly be an effect on our ability to keep sponsors. Our fans and sponsors have always been loyal and the backbone of our revenues. A significant loss to either of these supports could make the team unsustainable.


New arrangements must be made well in advance, so if the final decision of city council is to go ahead with the planned repairs we will have to move quickly to secure a venue. We are unsure of what the MSL will allow us to do so they too will have to be consulted on whatever arrangements we can make. The city report does say that the city will provide the Lakers with some assistance in finding an alternate venue.


The Lakers' board has yet to have a full board meeting to discuss the implications in detail. When you get news like this, people want to know what is going to happen. Besides the first thoughts and challenges that go through our minds, there still needs to be some calm and reason to sit back and find a solution. The Lakers board promises to act in the best interest of our fans and will strive to carry on Peterborough’s tradition of producing great lacrosse championship teams and players!


City of Peterborough Report CPPS17-008

City of Peterborough Report CPPS17-011

Lakers' position on revenue sharing with city


December 7, 2016


While watching and listening to the discussion of the City budget and specifically the discussion and requests surrounding Petes' agreement with the City, the Peterborough Lakers wish to make the following statements.


• The Lakers stand fast with the Petes and support their request for assistance from the city in terms of relief of expenses and an expansion of revenue opportunities within the Peterborough Memorial Centre (PMC).


• The Lakers have been in communication with city staff since before the 2016 lacrosse season. The Lakers are not jumping onto a bandwagon because of the recent discussions. The communication with City staff over the year has been an appreciated and informing experience.


• It was surprising to the Lakers that after our conversations with the City that the budget approval process did not include any direct recommendations that the Lakers be included in the working of budget numbers for council. It was the Lakers hope that there would have been recommendations or options in the budget to ensure the opportunities for the Lakers were added to the discussion. The Lakers would support a consultation process for creating a new tri-partite agreement to replace the existing agreements. In the staff report on the Petes' proposal to city council, the Lakers are mentioned in the “precedent” section of the report


• The Lakers are also looking for relief of costs and are hoping for opportunities to generate revenues rather than ask for concessions.


• Since the new Board of directors came to the head of the team in January of 2015, there have been many questions and wonderment around the agreements and perceived inequalities that exist between the agreements of the two major tenants of the PMC.


• The Lakers do not get a share of any advertising revenues in the PMC except from our carpet, only while we continue to pay off the debt for it. The Lakers do not get any share of food or drink revenues. The Lakers do get any share of parking revenues. The Lakers do not get a share of licensing fees from the box suites.


• The Lakers facility agreement restricts any significant expansion of revenue growing opportunities in the PMC under its present terms.


• The Lakers event is run by a great group of volunteers, with only a few receiving a small stipend because of the skills required for certain jobs. Volunteers also run the Board and no compensation is paid to them.


• The Lakers do not get money from the 50/50 draw as it is run by the Junior team and goes to Youth Lacrosse camp operations.


• The Lakers do not operate on any reserves. Bankruptcy, folding or moving the team is always a year away depending on crowds and expenses. Every second year, if successful, requires the expense of travelling west for the Mann Cup and breaking even over a 2-year period is dependent on revenues from the year before when the championship is held in the east.


• Home arena expenses for other teams in the MSL league range from 0 to the highest here in Peterborough. Information from Oshawa states it would cost about $6000 to rent the GM Centre for a night. The PMC, with an average Laker crowd at the game, takes in about 2.5 times that amount for City revenue just from ticket sales.


• The Lakers focus is to put a winning team on the floor by using as many local players as possible.


• The Lakers advocate for and support many charities and organizations in conjunction with our events.


• The Lakers main source of operating revenue is from our great community of business owners and operators in and around the Kawartha Lakes.


It is not the intention of the Peterborough Lakers to ask for concessions per se. The Lakers wish to be provided with the same opportunities to grow revenues ourselves not burden the taxpayers. The Lakers seek equal treatment and some investment from the City to ensure the viability and continued existence major series lacrosse in Peterborough.


To ensure the existence of major series lacrosse in Peterborough the Lakers seek a consistent policy that governs the two major tenants and the PMC. The Lakers and the Petes have their own season, each should have their own share and opportunities to create revenues during those seasons. Each should also get the same benefits as hometown teams at the PMC. However, at this time the present agreement restricts one team’s opportunities and that is where the Lakers feel they have a heavier financial burden for operating out of the PMC.


The Lakers, in light of this discussion and with the plans of a new major sport arena, would also support a Sport-Tourism Audit or Study for Peterborough and the surrounding area. The reputation of Peterborough worldwide is greatly influenced by the championship teams and individuals of our past and present. The benefits and revenues to local business, employment, health, tourism and pride in a strong community should not be discounted.








Lakers announce the 2016 individual award winners


April 21, 2107


PETERBOROUGH - With the 2017 Major Series Lacrosse season on the horizon, the Lakers are excited to announce the 2016 team award winners for excellence in a number of categories.


These awards have been a tradition of the team for years and the names found on each trophy describe a number of present and past players who have become the face of lacrosse in Peterborough including many, coaches, volunteers and builders of the game.


Our players are so much more than who you see on the floor. We hope our fans come out to congratulate these great players who poured their hearts into playing for the Lakers last season and stood out amongst their peers right into game seven of the OLA finals!


The Fan Favourite award is chosen by our fans on the Lakers' website at Your Lakers' Fan Favourite for 2016 was #9 Mark Steenhuis.


Congratulations to:


Award 2016 Recipient
Top Scorer Shawn Evans 88
Most Valuable Shawn Evans 88
Rookie of the year (a tie) Zach Currier 77 & Holden Cattoni 99
Top Defenceman Robert Hope 18
Top Transition Chad Tutton 12
Most Sportsmanlike Turner Evans 5
Most Dedicated Brad Self 25
Most Improved Jake Withers 10
Fan Favourite Mark Steenhuis 9



 The winners will be awarded their trophies at our 2nd home game June 8 before the opening ceremonies.


Read more about the history of the team here.


Lakers also want to remind season ticket holders that in order to save their present seats, they must claim their tickets at the Peterborough Memorial Centre box office on or prior to Friday April 28. On May 1season tickets not claimed will be released to new ticket buyers. 


With the Petes' success this year, they are still playing and selling tickets to their games, so please plan your trip to the box office to avoid possible line ups on Petes' game days. There has been no increase in Lakers' ticket prices this year so it’s the best value in town for the summer. 


Follow the Lakers on Twitter @PtboLakersLax, on Facebook or Instagram for up to date team news and behind the scene updates.






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